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Hydraulic overflow valve for BMR SMR BVR 1208


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Hydraulic overflow valve for BMR SMR BVR 1208


It is widely used in hydraulic systems in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, construction and broadly understood industry.

The cross-flow (safety) or shock valve is used to limit the maximum pressure on the two receiver inputs. It provides ideal protection against sudden pressure surges and allows you to set different pressures at two hydraulic system inputs

Designed for smooth braking of hydraulic motors. A very popular valve in wrapping machines, drilling rigs, drills and others.



Connect one side of V1 and V2 to the hydraulic motor with four M8x40 Allen screws. Analogous outputs on the other side V1 and V2 for supply and return, e.g. to a section in a hydraulic distributor or rear sockets in a tractor.

Mounted directly on the hydraulic motor, suitable for BMR, SMR, OMP, BMP engines.


Technical data:

Maximum flow: 60 l/min

Number of hydraulic holes in the body: 4

Internal threads: 1/2” [BSP]

Body material: steel

Permissible maximum pressure: 220 bar

Factory setting of the overflow valves: 160bar and 50bar

Regulation range of overflow valves: 50 – 220bar

Overflow valve adjustment: 45 bar (full turn)

Weight: 1.33 kg


Temperature range and oil type:

Permissible ambient temperature: -40 C to +60 C

Permissible oil temperature: -15 C to +80 C

Oil type: Mineral oil based hydraulic oil

Additional information

Weight1 kg