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Hydraulic T-piece BAB T-connector


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Hydraulic T-piece BAB T-connector

T-connector for connecting three hydraulic hoses or screwed into other connectors


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BSP 1/4'', BSP 3/8'', BSP 1/2'', BSP 3/4'', BSP 1'', M12x1.5 6L, M14x1.5 8L, M16x1.5 10L, M18x1.5 12L, M20x1.5 12S, M22x1.5 15L, M24x1.5 16S, M26x1.5 18L, M30x2 22L, M36x2 28L, M42x2 30S, M45x2 35L, M52x2 42L, UNF 7/16'', UNF 1/2'', UNF 9/16'', UNF 3/4'', UNF 1.1/16'', ORFS 9/16'', ORFS 11/16'', ORFS 13/16'', ORFS 1'', ORFS 1.3/16''


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