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Hydraulic high pressure ball valve 3-way G 1″


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Hydraulic high pressure ball valve 3-way G 1″


It is widely used in hydraulic systems in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, construction and broadly understood industry.


Connect P to the supply line, connect A and B to the two hydraulic lines between which it is necessary to switch the oil flow.

Principle of operation:

The valve is used to switch the entire oil flow between two independent hydraulic lines. Turning the lever 90 degrees completely closes the oil flow on the hydraulic line where the flow was previously free and simultaneously completely opens the flow on the other line, which was previously completely closed. The valve can be controlled even at high pressure.

Technical data:

Maximum flow: 140 l/min

Number of hydraulic holes in the body: 3

Internal threads in the body: [BSP] 1″

Body material: galvanized steel

Permissible maximum pressure: 500 bar

Weight: 2 kg

Temperature range and oil type:

Permissible ambient temperature: -40 C to +60 C

Permissible oil temperature: -15 C to +80 C

Oil type: Mineral oil based hydraulic oil

Additional information

Weight2 kg